Commercial Environmental Audits

Phase I and Phase II

Environmental AuditsRecently, legislation and court cases make it clear that without an environmental assessment, property transfers can be risky business. It is critical for all parties involved in a property transfer to know the environmental character of a site before it changes hands. A thorough environmental assessment is the only way for lenders to protect their loans, for insurers to protect their policies, for attorneys and realtors to protect their clients, and for buyers and sellers to protect themselves against environmental liability.

An ENVIRO TESTING environmental property assessment could involve up to three phases, each designed to give you all the pertinent data in the shortest possible time. Phase 1 is based on existing data and visual reconnaissance. An experienced team gathers everything known about the site through extensive interviewing and exhaustive reviews of governmental and historical files, groundwater data, well logs, records, permits and industrial processes. They augment that data with visual site reconnaissance and aerial photographic interpretation to determine if the site warrants further investigation. If so, we consult with you and if you so desire, we begin a Phase 2 assessment, which might include surface and subsurface soils, surface water, groundwater, surface geophysics, scrape or wipe sampling and air monitoring.  With the completion of Phase 2 you will receive a detailed, confidential report on what the problems are and what compliance and remediation might involve. If remediation is necessary and you decide the acquisition still makes sense ENVIRO TESTING has the knowledge and resources to take you through Phase 3 with a clear and practical plan.