Property Inspections

Reasons for a property inspection:

Inspection ImagesENVIRO TESTING offers four unique property inspections that were specifically designed for buyers, sellers, and established home owners. Our 25 years of experience goes into every inspection, test, and audit we perform and we are conveniently located off of Exit 71 on Route 17 in Binghamton, NY. We also offer a wide variety of environmental services to help ensure that you and your family are safe.

Home Inspection:
For buyers and sellers looking to purchase a property, or determine the condition of their home before it goes on the market, we offer home inspections that are performed in accordance with the National Association and American Society of Home Inspectors “Standards and Practices”. These inspections provide the opinion of an experienced and impartial third party who examines the different systems within the home and provides documentation as to their condition.

Commercial Building Inspection:

A commercial property inspection is a visual examination of the systems and overall structure of a building. Our inspectors specialize in examining apartment, office, and light industrial buildings and have the experience necessary to identify potential maintenance or safety issues.

Healthy Home Inspection:

Our healthy home inspection was specifically designed for current home owners who are concerned about the overall livable condition of their home or have concerns that their home may be affecting their quality of life. Our experienced environmental inspectors will perform a four part inspection that will assess the indoor air quality, identify sources of moisture / mold, and verify the safety of the electrical, heating, and building components. The fourth part of the inspection will test for common environmental hazards such as lead paint and asbestos that you may not be aware of. We also offer ancillary environmental tests to meet your specific needs.


Home Energy Audit:

A home energy audit is an objective and comprehensive 60 point investigation of your home that helps pinpoint inefficient systems while outlining improvements to reduce energy waste. These improvements will help you with today's skyrocketing energy costs, increase the comfort of your home, and add to your home's value while you help improve the environment.