Water Analysis

Reason for testing:

Water AnalysisTo determine water quality and/or water contamination in the structure. There are many different water elements, compounds, contaminants and water quality indicators you can test for. For private wells, most lending institutions typically require bacteria/coliform, lead, nitrates and nitrites.


We are also pleased to announce that ENVIRO TESTING has consulted with the NYSDEC and local health departments to spearhead the establishment of the physical and chemical parameters that should be tested if your property is adjacent to or about to undergo gas drilling activities. A water analysis test, before drilling begins, allows a baseline to be established so that any issues or unsubstantiated claims that arise can be compared against this original data.


Depends entirely on what sample is being collected. Samples are usually taken at the most likely drinking source (ie. kitchen sinks). Samples for lead analysis are a first draw sample.


Report indicating what sample was collected and whether or not it exceeds the EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL’s) for drinking water.

**Note: Some leading institutions (i.e. FHMA) have set their own recommendations for pump testing. Check with them before ordering testing.